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Donations Towards Autism Study

NAR Foundation appreciates your generous donation. Nothing is too little or too large. Your names will be listed below if any donor donated $100.00 or more towards the Autism study. We,together, are going to eradicate Autism globally. Thank you for joining our team and supporting us to enable to achieve our goals.

NAR Foundation Global Autism Research Team

Jessica Buhler

Michael Chouinard

Michel Depeyrot

Gary Erkfritz

Sonja Friedbauer

Cathy Goldstein

Sophya Itskovich

Catherine Rupp

Perry Wolk-Weiss

Laurie Allan

Anne Bailey

Tim Baker

Ann Blair

Bert Brooks

Jessica Buhler

Marlene Chapelle

Melissa & Keith Christian

Donald Cooper

Denise Deniger

Michel Depeyrot

Gary Erkfritz

Cynthia Heffernan

Denise Hoang

Lucy Hutchison

Cathy Goldstein

Jeffrey Ingleby

Nadia Jouni

David Krofcheck

Karen Marrow

Soudamini Nath

Iva Lim Peck

Gloria Phillips

Catherine Rupp

Peter & Gina Troesh

Perry Wolk-Weiss

Cecilia Yee

Inouye Family

Denise Aylward

Kathleen Crane

Gaye George

Jason Harne

Sam & Barbara Hom

Margaret Inui

Gil Kaan

Jeanette Link-Do Igovin

Steve Chang

Devi Nambudripad, DC, L.Ac., MD

Bernard Straile, DC

Megumi Uppenna, L.Ac.

Cecilia Yee, DC

Mohan Moosad, L.Ac.

Roy Nambudripad, MD

Susan Inouye

Tom Anderson, DC

Mary Inouye

Michelle Hanna Gurfinkel

R.P. Kratz, MD

Helen Bowman, ND

Anna Karpathakis

Nancy Diven

Gloria Phillips

Donald Cooper

Natalie and Alberto Kibrit

Debra Lowe

As a nonprofit organization, N.A.R.F. is grateful for the generous contributions of volunteers and donors who share their time, resources, and/or financial contributions. Donations to N.A.R.F. are 100% tax deductible. For more information, please contact Dr. Roy Nambudripad at N.A.R.F. Office, 1440 North Harbor Blvd. Suite 105, Fullerton, CA 92835 Tel: (714) 523-8900, Fax: (714) 523-3068 email:

*If we have missed any names from this list, please let the NAET-NARF Office know about it.

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